- Why does it cost that much?

Building an app like Combo Explorer takes a lot of time and effort. In this case it took many man hours of planning, design, programming and testing. Weeks, in fact. After that, it took many hours of back and forth with Apple's App Store team to make sure it was legally OK.

I'd love to add new features to this app, and even build more apps along the same lines. Doing so will take time and money, as I am sure you can understand. Sadly I can't spend so much time and effort creating a tool like Combo Explorer and then give it away for free. Instead I set what I think is a reasonable price, of which I only see a percentage as Apple and Google take cuts.

So, I hope you can understand my position. Hopefully you will agree that an app like Combo Explorer, at the price of a bottle of Coca-Cola, is good value for money.

Author: comboexplorer, 20.02.2012, 18:01
Idea status: under consideration


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